Dressing for Success – What does that even mean?


At some point in time you have heard the phrase, “Dress for Success” but what does that really mean? With so many different industries and expectations, how do you really know what success looks like? Deciding what to wear for an interview can be a challenging process but We Got You.

Within thirty seconds of meeting, first impressions are already being formed. As unfair as that sounds, it is the reality of the situation. So let’s get you ready to make that great first impression.

Pro tip: Before getting started it doesn’t hurt to call the employer and inquire about the dress code. Doing this gives you direct insight into the dress code expectations and allows you to prepare your outfit accordingly.

Check out these quick tips and tricks to ensuring you are not only looking but feeling successful.


Keep it neat and tidy – this includes facial hair as well. If you plan on leaving your hair down, make sure to bring a brush to do a quick touch up before your interview.


Make sure your shirt or blouse is tailored and the colour is coordinated with the rest of your outfit. Pair it up with a blazer or sweater and button up those long-sleeve shirts all the way.

Pro tip: Worried about being over or under dressed? Always bring a blazer. A great fitting blazer will make you look more professional but if you are feeling overdressed, you can always remove it.


To suit or not to suit, that is the question. You may dislike suits as much as you dislike my Shakespeare pun but unlike my pun, you can never go wrong with a suit – overdressed is ALWAYS better than underdressed. If you are going for a less formal look, a dark jacket or blazer can always be paired up with some kakis.


They should be ironed and fit perfectly – avoid pants and skirts that are too tight or loose. For those wearing a skirt make sure that it covers your thighs when sitting to avoid any awkward situations.


A polished appearance is what we are going for, so keep it neutral with subtle colours and avoid distracting bright colours.

Pro Tip: Everyone wants to smell good for an interview right? Remember that some individuals are sensitive to scents, so avoid heavy perfumes and colognes.


Keep it simple. Leave the flashy jewelry and heavy print ties at home.

Finding that right balance without losing your personality is key to “dressing for success.” This is your chance to make a statement about yourself; one that displays your professionalism and personality.

Pro tip: This is the most important one, confidence is key.

You Got This!

Need Inspiration? Check out our Careers Pinterest Board!


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