Interview Tips to get you the Job!

So you have perfected your resume and cover letter, finally applied for that job, and now wait in anticipation for the call or email inviting you for an interview, but what then? How do you go about preparing for a killer interview?

Here are a few tips:

giphy (9).gif

1. Research, Research, Research!

Coming prepared to an interview speaks volumes about your work ethic, and gives employers a first hand look at how much you already know! So take the time to research the company or agency that you are applying to, the requirements of the position, and so on. The more you know, the more equipped you are to relate your answers to the company and impress the interviewer!

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2. Review Possible Questions

It is helpful to review possible questions that the interviewer may ask you, this way you are able to take time to think and really showcase your work and accomplishments by connecting your previous experiences to the job responsibilities.  Preparing possible answers also helps to build confidence in your experience and capabilities, and reduce nerves!

**Pro-tip: it is helpful to practice your responses in a mock interview setting with friends, family, or a career advisor here at Humber! Speaking to others about your experience is great practice!

giphy (12).gif

3. Bring Everything With You

Make sure to come prepared with all the documents that an interviewer may ask for, this may include:

  • References
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Extra resume
  • Portfolio or work samples
  • Academic transcript
  • Certificates or achievements


4. Arrive Early and Dress for Success!

The goal of an interview is to impress the employer and show them why they want (and need) you! Arriving early and dressing for success gives a great first impression to the employer, highlighting both professionalism and a drive for success!

**Pro tip: Aim to make a great first impression to everyone you meet from the moment you drive into the parking lot; you never know who they are, or what type of decisional capacity they have!


5. Practice Good Body Language

So you have researched, practiced, dressed for success, now what? While in the interview be mindful of your body language. Employers develop a positive impression based on great communication, enthusiasm, and knowledge.

**Pro-tip: make sure you are smiling, making eye contact, active listening, and sitting with good posture!

6. Come Prepared with Questions

It is important to prepare questions to ask the interviewer before the interview. Gathering essential knowledge about the position is beneficial when it comes to making final decisions regarding your future; and it helps to show engagement and real interest in the position!

7. Say Thank You!

giphy (13).gif

It is important to thank the interviewer in person for taking the time to interview you for the position; this shows a sense of professionalism, and helps to solidify a good impression.

**Pro-tip: send an additional thank-you email 24 hours following the interview – this shows that you are reflecting on the interview and still have a very keen interest in the position

There you go! Time to kick some interview butt!






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