Millennials in the Workplace

Post secondary institutions have come to the end of another series of commencement ceremonies. Graduates who have crossed the stage, are armed with credentials which attest that they are well equipped to enter the workforce.

Over the past decade, a lot has been said about hiring millennials; most have been “employer beware” articles that put these new professionals in a bad light.We have heard that millennials can be highly opinionated; they are not satisfied with product knowledge, they want a say in the development of the product. This is not  a bad thing. Any employee who can apply critical thinking skills and bring fresh ideas to the table will definitely add value to the team.

In previous generations, the employees who were never absent and always working overtime were the most valued. We are now finding out that being chained to the desk all day – all work and no play – is not good for our health. Organizations are more concerned today with wellness and are finding creative ways to encourage fitness and recreation in the workplace. It would not be surprising to find out that some of these ideas are coming from millennials.

It is well worth the while for employers to invest in professional development opportunities in the form of mentorship programs for new graduates, and succession planning to advance those employees who have demonstrated the right balance of skills and attitude. With an open mind for engaging a wealthy goldmine when hiring millennials, both the workplace and new employees are positioned for great gain.


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