Balancing Work and School – How can I do it, and why do I want to?

Ahh, the life of a student, with the student debt piling up, it may be necessary or at least, beneficial, to get a part-time job. But how is this possible when school feels like a full-time commitment already?

Working while completing a degree isn’t easy, but putting the obvious benefit – Money – aside, there are many perks of being a student balancing both a work and student life. Let’s explore!

Develops important skills:

Even though you may think that the skills you are learning at your part time job wont be useful for your career, they are! Trying to balance work and school forces students to develop skills that employers are looking for! In order to be successful, working students quickly develop time management, organization, responsibility, customer service skills, and many more, that will help you improve your resume and land your dream job!


Improves your grades:

Believe it or not, studies have shown that working students achieve higher in their academic studies than non-working students? Why, you may ask? Working students are required to manage their time and stay on top of tasks in order to meet all deadlines. Due to their work responsibilities, these students are less likely to procrastinate! Money and improved grades? Win-win!!

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I’m sure as students we have all heard time and time again about how the job market is becoming increasingly demanding, and sometimes it can be overwhelming! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could network and get ahead of competition before you even graduate? Well you can!! Working students have a better chance of building connections in the work force, which can lead to references, or even a full time job after graduation!


Break from Student Life:

Readings, papers, tests, assignments, group work … school can be stressful, and what better way to take a mental break from the hustle and bustle of student life than a part time job? Working allows you to develop key skills, build valuable friendships, and forget about school for a few hours, all while making money! What could be better?



We all know the stereotype ‘broke and starving student’, but you don’t have to be! Having a part time job in school gives you a steady income and helps to pay of debts sooner, with less stress after graduation! And lets be honest, the cost of school, food, and having a social life adds up quickly… any little bit helps!

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Now, some of you may be thinking ‘yeah, that all sounds great, but HOW can I manage my time so that I am successful with both work and school?’ And that is a great question!

Here are some tips:

  • Keep a calendar/agenda: organizing your responsibilities on a calendar or agenda helps to prioritize your commitments, makes sure you’re using time effectively, and keeps you on track!
  • Start slowly: If it is your first time balancing both work and school, make sure you are not biting off more than you can chew, maybe start with a few hours a week and work up from there!
  • Work ahead: When balancing work and school, it is helpful to be proactive and not let things pile up! Try to work ahead to finish assignments so you don’t become overwhelmed at the due date!
  • Get a good night sleep: Have you tried to drive a car without gas? How did that work? Probably not well! The same goes for your body, you need to make sure you are allowing yourself enough time to rest each night to make sure you have enough ‘gas’ to get through the day and avoid burnout.

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